Do you think your school can have lunch without wasting anything?

We do.

This is the next logical step for your school to take after recycling in the classroom, and food scrap composting in the cafeteria. SEE Environmental Educators will work with students in the cafeteria to help them determine what waste is recyclable, reusable, or compostable.

The zero waste lunch day is a fun, student-driven event where the children separate everything from their lunch into appropriate collection containers for either recycling or composting. The event is also the kickoff for lunch scrap composting over the year. Students weigh and track their results for the whole school to follow along. Which grade can save the most?

The SEE method is to empower students to take responsibility for educating fellow students and to encourage everyone in the school to take ownership of the process.

Contact SEE today and we’ll help you put the concepts of recycling and food scrap composting together in the cafeteria to achieve your zero waste goal.