Lakewood City Schools

Help To Others (H2O)

A program of the City of Lakewood/Department of Human Services/Division of Youth in partnership with Lakewood City Schools. H2O promotes community service through youth volunteer programs. SEE will work with H2O Summer Service Camp of roughly 200 youth. SEE staff will present a hands on lesson to campers on decomposition, vermicomposting, the soil ecosystem, and direct the building of vermicomposting bins.

Youth will build vermicomposting bins and maintain the bins. They will collect campers food waste on a daily basis to be added to the bins. Compost generated will be utilized at the end of camp.

Their efforts will save landfill space, prevent methane from entering the atmosphere and increasing global warming, and build local soil fertility. SEE will assist with the existing composting efforts in place at the camps garden plot.