Kent City Schools

Franklin Elementary

We have conducted two waste audits (11/18/09 & 4/7/10) of one days worth of garbage from the entire school.

We are working with Student Council:

  • observed a waste audit (4/7) and learned about recycling and composting, while brainstorming ideas for reducing waste at school
  • helped promote Zero Waste Lunch Day (ZWLD) Competition by making posters and creating school wide announcements
  • will work with developing and implementing composting and recycling programs in the school.
  • Zero Waste Lunch Day held 4/21/10, SEE staff weighed each lunch period's waste to determine which period reduced the most when compared to the prior days waste. Free recess time for the winners.

    The students did an absolutely amazing job of reducing the pounds of waste during their lunch periods. See stats below. 

    Original weights- 4/20/10
    1st Period-14.5 lbs
    2nd Period-18.7 lbs
    3rd Period- 17.5 lbs
    Totaling 50.7 lbs

    Zero Waste Lunch weights- 4/21/10
    1st Period-13.5 lbs   -reduction of 1 lbs
    2nd Period-12 lbs     -reduction of 6.7 lbs
    3rd Period-10 lbs      -reduction of 7.5 lbs
    Totaling 35.5 lbs       Total reduction - 15.2 lbs

    The third lunch period (1st and 2nd grade) takes the win with a reduction of 7.5 lbs. The 15.2 lbs reduced represents a 30% overall reduction of lunch waste. Thats incredible. 

Holden Elementary

SEE has presented on vermicomposting and has given vermicomposting bins to two teachers to use in their classrooms (as of 4/28)
Held first waste audit 9/10 and will begin training students, faculty, and staff for lunchroom food scrap composting.  

Walls Elementary

SEE will conduct waste audits this spring to determine the waste stream at Walls. We will be working with two classes. They will join us for the audits to observe and learn from what we have found in their garbage. While also learning about recycling and composting, and brainstorming ideas for reducing waste at school

First waste audit held 5/14/10
Waste audit held 9/16/10 - over 100 pounds of lunch waste.

Stanton Middle School

One waste audit of only lunch waste has been done 3/24/10. Two additional audits are scheduled for 4/22/10 & 4/30/10 and will measure each days worth of garbage from the entire school, not just the lunch waste.

  • We are working with the Garden Club and one class.
  • Garden Club students will promote a ZWLD by making video announcements
  • Students from the class will observe a waste audit, learn from it and help with the promotion of ZWLD
  • Both groups of students will be working closely with SEE to design, implement, and manage future composting efforts and the expansion of recycling efforts at Stanton.
  • 2010-2011 school year folds in the student council who will design and manage the school-wide goal and incentive to divert a set amount of waste.