Company Overview

SEE is a non-profit 501c3 organization that integrates zero waste and sustainability education into K-12 classrooms to empower students and teachers with basic working principles they can use to save both money and the Earth’s natural resources. Through simple, yet powerful methods such as vermicomposting, food scrap composting, and recycling, SEE shows students how to take the steps toward a Zero Waste school. When students see the success of their actions, they’re likely to apply these principles to their everyday lives, making sustainability and stewardship a lifelong process. 

By encouraging schools to teach beyond the textbook with hands-on waste stream management and creative problem-solving, SEE helps teachers and students use sustainability principles in the classroom and throughout the entire school building. Daily practical applications of these principals guarantees that the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle” is no longer an abstract concept; it becomes an inherent part of our K-12 lives.

SEE envisions a world where every trashcan is replaced with recycling or compost bins that encourage us to think before we toss and allow us to cycle materials back into the system.

Our Mission

To teach sustainability principles to K-12 students, and support the creation and stewardship of sustainable waste management practices in schools nationwide. To offer curricula tailored to student age, and educator needs that fosters knowledge and practical application of sustainability principals in the classroom. To motivate environmental clubs and recycling programs to turn trash into cash and increase use of recyclable products to close the reuse loop.